Best DIY Items for Your Car



Adding a personal touch to your car can seem expensive. Every “typical” modification you have in mind probably involves going to a shop or hiring professionals. You’d need to visit this website or that for everything from upholstery to a custom paint job.


However, this isn’t necessarily true. There are plenty of ways for you to do some customisation yourself, without needing professional help.


One thing you can do – but I advise against because of how gaudy and ungodly stupid it looks when you think about it – is to add rhinestones to your license plates. Some folks like to stud rhinestones along the edge of the plate, making it hard to miss and all bling-y.


Some folks make DIY covers for steering wheels. These can be a lovely personal gift or a way for you to make one of the most vital parts of your car feel like it’s really “yours.”


If you know how to make potpourri, consider using essential oils instead of flower petals. This lets you make your car air freshener. The best part of this is you can decide exactly how you want the inside to smell and it’s a great hobby to get into.


You always have the option of cleaning your car’s interiors yourself. Everyone should learn how to do this. This way, you spend less money and only need to shell out if you have a terrible stain or need a professional, thorough cleaning job.


I mean, how hard is it to sweep every so often or vacuum the interiors? A hose, running water, and something to dry it with is all you need for a quick wash. It doesn’t take that long to do on the weekend.


Get yourself a car emergency kit.


Things like moist towelettes or wipes, some cold compresses, band-aids, and the like. Stuff that you can use in an emergency. Maybe even a few medications for motion sickness. Put all of this is a nice little pack in the glove compartment, and you’ve made your car emergency kit.


If you have sewing skills and the materials, it’s not hard to make your car organiser.


Consider removing old, unwanted bumper stickers.


Once upon a time, you had a perfect idea or saw a bumper sticker you liked. You stuck it onto your car. Now, things have changed, and you want to be rid of it. If you’d rather not call a professional, there are ways to do that.


Make your storage space. You’ll need duct tape, some yoghurt cups, and a few other small items. It’s possible to MacGuyver together some extra storage space this way, place it along the driver’s side. Or you could go the cheap route and use a sticky pad on the dashboard.


A razor blade is a surprisingly effective way to clean off blotches on your windscreen. It might come in handy for other purposes, too. Just make sure you keep it covered when not in use.


Is your lock frozen because it was unusually cold the night before? Hand sanitizer can do wonders for breaking through that problem in a hurry.