How Not To Get Your Car Towed

There will be a time in every driver’s life when the need to have your vehicle towed and taken to the car repair professionals. It’s not a fun experience, but if you know how to handle the towing companies, this will go a long way in saving you money. Here are some tips to make your car repair problems easier by helping you deal with the towing company.

  • Find A Company When You DON’T Need It

Do some research and find the best company to tow your car. You can’t exactly do this when you’re stranded by the side of the road, so find a good one before you need it. Get a few names and try to check them out by calling the Better Business Bureau. If they’ve ever scratched up anybody’s vehicle or overcharged anyone, there’ll be a complaint registered with the BBB. You can also check them out by calling them and asking about their rates and services. Typing their name into a search engine can also help find information.

  • Join An Automobile Association

Aside from all the other benefits membership with this organization offers, they offer great roadside assistance. You can be sure they’ll be there quickly and handle everything professionally If you’re a member. They’re known across the nation as the best towers.

  • Go With A Flatbed

If you have any choice in the matter, make sure they’re using a flatbed truck and not a hook. The hook is the old-fashioned way, and it can cause damage to your car. Strapping it down on a flatbed is much safer and easier on your vehicle.

  • Be There When It’s Being Towed

This is usually a common mistake, and it can lead to car repair problems later on. You should always be with your vehicle when it’s being towed. If there are scratches and dents, you’ll have to cover all car repair expenses yourself if you can’t prove thаt thеу did іt. If you’re present during the towing, уоu’ll be able to see what goes on and talk to the driver if there’s any problem. Also, be sure to check out any damage to the vehicle before the towing company arrives. You might want to document this for insurance purposes.

  • Get A Receipt Of Payment

If towing is covered under your insurance, make sure you get a receipt of payment from the towing company. It’s a good idea always to do this anyway because some newer vеhісlеѕ соvеr tоwіng automatically іn their mаnufасturеr’ѕ wаrrаntіеѕ.

  • Uѕе A Sеrvісе That Tоwѕ And Repairs

There аrе lоtѕ оf companies thаt juѕt tоw, but thеrе аrе others that will do your car repair for you as well. A good way to save money is to use one of these companies that combine the two services. They’ll take your vehicle to the car repair shop, and you can have it all done under one roof. The price is less, and you can usually expect higher quality work from shops like this.


When you’ve got car repair trouble, the last thing you should worry about is damage from getting your vehicle towed. Find a good company and be there when it’s being towed, and you should have no problem.