How Not To Get Your Car Towed

We all are worried our cars will be towed without our knowledge? If perhaps, for whatever reason, you think your automobile may be in danger to be towed, here are some tips that will make it more difficult for the tow truck operator.


These types of techniques may just make the tow truck move on to the next vehicle tow list, or at least give you a chance to run to your car’s rescue. Although useful, these steps will not likely make your car completely “un-towable”. Nothing is un-towable, but with enough effort, or the right equipment, you can make it so difficult that numerous tow trucks Perth drivers will report to their dispatch that it can be un-towable, or at the least, difficult enough as to not be worth their time.


Important: Knowing your Drive Wheels

When a car is being towed, it MUST have their driver side wheels off the ground or different serious damage can be done to the indication or other components.


It shouldn’t get any easier for a tow truck user than when they can back their truck up to your car, connect to your drive rims, lift them up, and drive away with your other two wheels running freely. A lot of the tips in this information have to do with forcing the tow pickup truck to go to the extra effort of training up all 4 rims, and hopefully triggering enough difficulties that they just won’t bother. For this reason, it is important to be aware of whether your vehicle is front or rear-wheel drive.


2wd (front), just as it sounds, is when the engine delivers capacity to the forward wheels only, and the back wheels can rotate freely – this is definitely the most frequent configuration on today’s cars, and if you aren’t sure what you have, this can be the best guess.

Rear-wheel drive is merely the opposite, when the ability is delivered to the back again wheels and the forward wheels spin freely – this is quite common on trucks, sports automobiles, and cars built before the 1970’s.

If you have an all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle, then you’re in luck – the tow truck already has to lift all the tires to avoid damaging any of the drive-train pieces of your car. However, there are still some points you can do to make it harder for that to happen.


It is best to park with your tires just pressing the curb to prevent the dolly from being put under your wheel. Most tow truck designs require there to be a little space around the wheel to soundly secure the bracket or junk to the tire. That is best to do this with both the leading and back tire, but it is especially important to obtain one of your drive wheels touching the curb, as these must be lifted off the ground in order to tow the vehicle.


Recreation area tightly between other autos or objects that prevent a 52 pick-up from pulling up to either the front or back side of your vehicle.

Keep in head that if you are between other cars that are also parked intend to, they will most likely just start towing from one end of the line, and eventually be able to your car.

Most vehicle’s parking brakes act on the rear wheels only, so this is a great tip for front wheel drive cars (which almost all of today’s popular models are). The front wheels must be lifted because they are attached with the transmitting, and now the trunk area wheels must also be lifted because the tires are locked on. Just like the above tip, this one requires the tow line truck operator to take longer to hook up your vehicle – or maybe even take an easier-to-tow vehicle first.