Keeping the carpet of your car CLEAN

One nice way to add a touch of the high life to your car interior is carpeting. If you’ve got a car that has the space for it, some luxurious rugs or carpets are an excellent way to up the comfort level. Depending on your choice, it can also mark you as a man of means and taste.


However, one thing that keeps most car owners from getting any expensive carpeting is cleaning. The confined space, the tendency to be exposed to all sorts of dirt and grime, and the amount of time can be daunting. You can and should hire professionals for car carpet cleaning in Perth WA.


Still, if you for one reason or another insist on doing it yourself, here’s the quick step by step. Keep in mind this is all very generalised. Some specifics might have to apply based on your car that we won’t be able to point out here.


Your first step is to clean the interiors.


You want your interior to be cleaned out. This means you want to organise the interior first, getting any loose items out of the way. Everything from debris to personal items should be removed, so they don’t get in the way.


After you’ve cleaned things out, you do the first vacuum sweep.


A vacuuming gets out any solid debris that might be on the carpet. Most of the grime and dirt will be too small for you to notice, so a vacuum cleaner sucking them up is essential. If they aren’t removed, it will cause complications with your cleaning later.


Do a thorough job with the vacuuming. Go under the pedals and seats. Pick up and dispose of anything too big for the suction. Get everything you can.


For the cleaning of the carpet itself, you’ll want to choose good cleaning producers and brushes. Laundry detergent might work, but be sure to consult with experts on what is the best choice for your carpet.


When cleaning the rug, don’t rush. Be methodical. Use circular motions – “wax on, wax off” it makes you feel better – when you clean. This brings the dirt and grime up best. For areas that are easy, you only need to do one or two sweeps. For tougher stains, repeat as necessary.


After the sweep with shampoo, rinse. A wet rag is your friend here, dampening targeted areas. Get as much of the product out as possible without getting the carpet wet. Unless you have a very sensitive rug, you don’t need to get all the residue, just most of it.


Finally, let the carpet dry. Give it the time to air out. Be sure that there’s no more moisture because that could lead to mould growth.


As you can see, this is a lot of work. If you have the time in your busy schedule to handle it yourself, feel free. However, as we noted, getting a professional cleaning job on a car carpet is faster. It is also probably going to be a lot less of a hassle. Plus, they have better products for handling persistent stains.