Smart tricks to save your car from getting towed!


Getting your car towed, for whatever reason, is no less than a nightmare. If you feel like your precious car may be in danger of being towed, here are some smart tips that will help you to make it harder for your car to be towed.

  • Turn the wheels to the side as much as possible: This trick makes it nearly impossible to tow the vehicle from the back end.
  • Set the parking or emergency brake hard enough: Although this doesn’t keep the vehicle from being towed altogether, it definitely makes it more difficult.
  • Use a ‘club’ or steering wheel locking device: The device is hard enough to save your car from being towed. Furthermore, if your car doesn’t have the automatic steering wheel lock function can be used for that as well.
  • Park smartly: If you park your car in between two cars, one in the front and other in the back, it becomes practically impossible to tow the car.
  • Use wheel locks: Another smart way to keep the car from being towed is by using wheel locks, making it hard to move the car.
  • Don’t park on the curb: It is recommended to park the car with the tires just touching the curb to prevent the tow-truck bracket from being placed under the tire. Since most tow trucks are designed in a way that requires some space around the wheel to safely secure the bracket to the tire, which makes it difficult to tow the car.